Feet Smelling 19
As a shoe and foot slave, Richie has to lie down on the floor in front of his mistress Alida, like a doormat. She holds out her over the knee boots and he has to take care of the boots first. First, he has to smell the soles of the boots and lick them off the dirt on the street. Then Alida takes off her boots and holds her stockinged feet to smell on his nose. He should soak up the aroma of leather and salty sweat deeply, and not only that: the dominant beauty still closes his mouth with an adhesive tape . There should only be one air for him - the air that comes from Alida's feet. The tape could only breathe in through his nose. But there is the smell of her sweaty feet. So what is left for him to inhale the scent.
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Feet Smelling 19

  • Product Code: Feet Smelling 19
Format: SD
Length: 7:19 Minute
  • 7.19€

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